Program Components

Jazzistry Teacher Workshop

Jazzistry schools participate in the planning for effective delivery of These meetings allow Jazzistry programs to be tailored to the ages of the students and the particular curricular focus of teachers.

Artist Visits with Students

Prior to the band performance, Vincent York works with students, giving an introduction to Jazzistry. Co-teaching with content area teachers is a highlight of the program.

Jazzistry Band Performance

The live, multi-media show utilizing the best jazz musicians in Michigan is known as "the Jazzistry Mother Ship" by some fans. It truly transforms schools!

Art-Centered Learning

Music is the hook that gets students interested in knowing more!. Jazzistry works with math, science, world language, literature, history and music classrooms.

Student Performers

Jazzistry is highly interactive and always gets some students up in the show. Student singers, dancers, musicians and rappers working with professional musicians–it is transformative!

Mentoring & Teaching

Having students experience Jazzistry raises participation in instrumental music. Middle schools say we helped double their student sign-up rates, once students see the joy shared by the Jazzistry musicians.

"Every generation needs to know where they came from or how the sound of American music came to be, or else we wouldn’t have a deep identity."

Alexis H.,
High School Student

"I have a better understanding of how our cultures mix with each other to make great new things.

Jameson R.
High School Student

"It shows we have come a long way and we have changed a lot… and cool music styles originated in US."

Kahled M.
High School Student