Special Shows

Jazz up the entire community!

Book a Jazzistry performance for a university, college, health care organization, civic organization, religious organization, corporation, neighborhood center, museum, or festival. We amaze and delight all audiences!

  • Length: 45-80 minutes, adapted as needed

Engaging for people of all ages!

Although Jazzistry is performed primarily in elementary, middle, and high schools, the presentation has also benefited audiences in a wide variety of community venues with members ranging in age from kindergarten to senior citizens.

Special focus concerts

Vincent York’s talent and knowledge of jazz history and his amazing virtuosity means he can delve deeply into specific topics. His experience with many great jazz artists greatly informs these programs.

Past Special focus concerts have included:

Tribute to Duke Ellington & Billy Strahon
1950’s West Coast Jazz
Billie Holiday & Lester Young
Detroit in the Jazz Years–Before Motown
Mardi Gras Music
Cosmic Journey: Looking Forward
Celebration of the Music of Motown
Tribute to Stan Getz & Chet Baker

Past community performances include:

  • Taubman lobby, University of Michigan Hospital, for patients and staff
  • Ann Arbor Public Library, Jazz Age in Paris, a Smithsonian traveling exhibit for library patrons and community
  • College of Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Michigan, Detroit Theme Semester, for students, faculty, and community
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools, for Black Student Organization faculty advisors
  • The GEM Theater, Kansas Cit, Missouri, for NAME
  • Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival’s youth program
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium youth program, University of Michigan
  • St. Stephen Church, Saginaw, Michigan, for community and school children

For more information on booking a community event please call the Jazzistry office at 734-761-6024 or email Vincentyorkjazzistry@gmail.com.

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