Vincent York (Founder and Artistic Director)
First and foremost Vincent York is a jazz musician. As the creative force behind Jazzistry he wear’s many hats both figuratively and literally. In his position as artistic director Vincent’s roles include composer, bandleader, educator and advocate for the arts. Vincent believes every American can be proud of jazz. He says β€œit embodies our most admired cultural characteristics β€“ self expression, spontaneity, boldness and invention!”

Julia Septrion – Office/Program Support Staff
Julia is a recent new hire for Jazzistry.  Her father was a jazz affectionado and had always had music playing during the day and evening.  Her best friend also loved music (she is a pianist) and this friend’s father also had a large collection of jazz, big band and blues records.  Julia’s first career was in Human Resources but later switched to Office Administrator.  She brings many years of office experience to this job.  In the past she has been a Program Coordinator at the University of Michigan.  She considers her knowledge of jazz to be always in learning mode. “