Elementary School Programs

The Jazzistry Elementary School Program is for students works for all ages. Grades 2-5 are especially engaged and fascinated by the show. 

The complete Jazzistry Elementary Program includes:

  • A Teacher in Service Workshop
  • 5 Artist Visits
  • A full band presentation that lasts 60 minutes

Students are dazzled.

Nothing compares to seeing the musical instruments, getting to know the artists, and hearing the sound of a live jazz band in full swing.

Students become engaged.

Vincent York steps out in front of the band and talks directly to them, using playful anecdotes, marching, singing, and jazzed up versions of familiar tunes to win them over. Jazzistry’s goal is to delight elementary students with a type of music that most young people dismiss as old fashioned and to shed new light on history. With Jazzistry’s help, students make their own connections to music and history!

Students learn that jazz is an American treasure.

Jazzistry explores the African roots of jazz, influenced by many other cultures and developed over a century by Americans of African descent. Jazzistry shows this music has enriched our lives as Americans in more ways than we can count!

Jazzistry is a jumping off place for learning lots more!

  • Inspiration to begin instrumental music. Some schools use the program as a ‘recruitment tool’ right before the sign-up period. 
  • The etiquette of listening to a live performance
  • African, Caribbean, European musical instruments and traditions
  • Introductions to the instruments of the jazz band
  • Meeting great jazz musicians and their lives
  • Introductions to Harlem Renaissance art and literature
  • Slavery, the Triangle Trade, the Constitution, Bill of Rights
  • Geography and migration impacted how our music developed.
  • Technology’s impact: How inventions like the riverboat and radio effected the music

Harlem Renaissance Art by Aaron Douglas

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