Funding Help

Jazzistry shouts a big ‘thank you’ to schools that can pay the full performance fee. By not dipping into our Program Fund, these schools give others unable to afford Jazzistry the opportunity for financial aid.

But we understand that many schools are now financially challenged when it comes to any additional expenses. Many Michigan schools have eliminated or slashed their Arts programs because of economic pressures. 

Those are schools we are especially interested in reaching!

If a school needs assistance with funding a Jazzistry program, they can apply for a Supporting Grant from the Jazzistry Program Fund. 

This Fund is created with monies from our fund-raising efforts. foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual gifts. The fund is replenished annually, especially through our annual dance party, The Jazzistry Rent Party.

 Awards are based on need and availability of funding. 

Jazzistry can also assist local fund-raising efforts. When a school plans to approach possible local funders or business sponsors to under-write the Jazzistry program, we can provide some of the components of typical proposals and suggestions for finding local financial resources.

To inquire about assistance with funding please call the Jazzistry office at 734-761-6024 or email