The Jazzistry Middle School Program is for students in 6th-8th grade.

The complete Middle School Program includes:

  • A Teacher in Service Workshop
  • 5 Artist Visits
  • A full band presentation that lasts 60 minutes

Jazzistry reinforces American History Curriculum

Students time travel with the narrator and the musicians to the slavery-based economy of the 1800s, the migration of rural Southern blacks to industry in Chicago, the Jazz Age of the 1920s, and today’s music scene.

Students are attracted to the freedom of expression in Jazz

They discover the roots of jazz in the percussion patterns and intonations of faraway Africa that were the only forms of cultural preservation for enslaved Africans.

Jazzistry takes students by surprise

For many young people, seeing a live jazz performance is a first-time encounter (in contrast to electronic and digital entertainment). Even so, much of the music in Jazzistry is familiar to their ears—especially as it relates to rock, R & B, rap, and hip hop.

Jazz history gives the context for learning in many directions!

  • The etiquette of listening to a live performance
  • Blues Poetry
  • The writers, thinkers, painters, and musicians of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Great jazz musicians
  • Geography of jazz
  • Gender issues in jazz history