Jazz up the entire community!

Book a Jazzistry performance for a university, college, health care organization, civic organization, religious organization, museum, or festival.

  • Length: 45-80 minutes, adapted as needed

Engaging for people of all ages!

Although Jazzistry is performed primarily in elementary, middle, and high schools, the presentation has also benefited audiences in a wide variety of community venues with members ranging in age from kindergarten to senior citizens.

Past community performances include:

  • Taubman lobby, University of Michigan Hospital, for patients and staff
  • Ann Arbor Public Library, Jazz Age in Paris, a Smithsonian traveling exhibit for library patrons and community
  • College of Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Michigan, Detroit Theme Semester, for students, faculty, and community
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools, for Black Student Organization faculty advisors
  • The GEM Theater, Kansas Cit, Missouri, for NAME
  • Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival’s youth program
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium youth program, University of Michigan
  • St. Stephen Church, Saginaw, Michigan, for community and school children

For more information on booking a community event please call the Jazzistry office at 734-761-6024 or email